the earth religion

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SHARDS - the earth religion

If other religions actually worked, then everybody would already be "good".

We have all of these forces inside of us that we don't really understand.
We feel urges, we feel drawn towards hidden goals, we feel cravings,
etc. Yet often we have no idea what it is we're really needing.

Ever had that feeling that you really wanted something, but you had no idea what it was?
The Shardal Revelation has arrived so that the human race can begin working all this out.

In a Nutshell

The Shards is a reincarnation religion
with a big difference:

At death, the soul is shattered into billions of Shards.

Each one of these Shards is a
"proto-soul" which carries the desires and knacks of the soul it originated from.

The combined Shards of those who passed on around the time of an individual's birth constitute the infant's soul.

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Glossary of Terms