There's No Difference Between
Creation and Evolution

Shards is the religion that truly reconciles 'creation' and 'evolution'. This is because Darwinism is too cut and dried. Yes, it's true the strong will survive, however, that's too simplistic.

The desire to Ameliorate (to get better), and the desire towards perfection are passed on from generation to generation through the Shards. This explains instinct, and the collective consciousness.

Shards are species specific. This means that if a cow dies people don't suddenly get the desire to go out munching grass in a field. If you consider species as branches, this would mean 'branch specific'. And since the part of the branch which originally connected us to the 'evolutionary tree' is no longer in existence, we have been 'cut off'.

What happened, what happens, and what is happening with evolution is that Desire causes evolutionary change, and this holds true for all other life as well. If an animal desires something, this desire (although perhaps not fulfilled within that certain creature's lifespan) is transmitted at that being's death to the members of his/her own species who retain that desire and in turn transmit that on to the after-siblings.

We're talking about things that Darwinism can't easily explain. Why do butterflies have those particular colors, why does the archer fish choose to spit at his prey, why do salmon go back to the same place every single year? Many questions like these cannot be answered simply by Darwinism, and most religions say, "Well, that's the way God planned it". True, but God planned it from the inside.

There's no difference between evolution and creation, because
God is evolving with us on the inside.

If we trace all the branches of evolution back to the very beginning, we realize that all life springs from a common fore-sibling. So that no matter what Shards you have, they can all be traced directly back to the MOTHER SHARD at the dawn of life, multiplied, and each one of these splits created branches creating sub-branches etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Over time, the shardal links between formerly related species cease to exist.

When a subspecies of animal or plant goes off in one evolutionary direction away from the mainstream, that branch of organism becomes progressively more different from other similar species.

By becoming more and more specialized and varied, eventually they evolve into a separate distinct species.

The 'missing links' between any two modern species died long ago, of course. Those new branches are no longer directly connected Shardally (or genetically) with the other animals or plants that they may have been related to eons ago. The branch has been cut, so the Shards don't transfer across.

Shards only travel between members of the same species. Which means that the Shards of mankind are only transmitted between humans.

Which is also why bigotry like racism is totally wrong - because we really are all brothers and sisters here in the most literal sense.

Shards are transferred every single day, every single second between all races of man. This is why we are all siblings.

"No one is an island unto oneself",
and now with the Shardal Revelation
this is seen as truer than ever before.

Let's say a deer-like creature, for defense, decides (desires) to grow horns. It may take thousands of years of evolution to actually develop them, it's not something you can do in one lifetime.

This happens by transmitting that desire to other members of the species who carry on.

Humanity has stumbled along blindly because, before now, no one has ever realized that evolution is fueled by the collective desires of the species which are passed from generation to generation via reincarnation.

Everyone seems to think that they're their own little package and that they are somehow unrelated to the rest of humanity. Where in fact no matter how much anyone might want to deny it, everyone is very much a member of humanity.

We want to cultivate positive desire in our own lives. Because by making ourselves, each and every one of us, ie. by making ME better on the inside, and by passing on those positive desires, I make the entire world, eventually, a better place. It's one thing to make the world a better place on the outside, but it's another thing to make the world a better place on the inside. And that's where evolution happens .

You may be thinking, "Are you saying that we can change our DNA simply by desiring to?"

Yes, that's absolutely correct.

There are obviously other physical factors which take place in the shaping of anyone's psyche or even physical being. It's clear that you're not going to become muscular just by sitting around desiring to have big muscles, you're not going to do a lot of things just by sitting in your armchair and wishing for them.

God's interior desires have caused us to evolve into this stage of development. Birds desired to make wings. The ancestors of pterodactyls desired to fly long before they evolved the actual means of flight. Without the fervent desire to soar freely in the air, the earliest bird would have never convinced its DNA structure to sprout wings.

Every plant and animal has certain desires. You think a rose just simply blooms? No, it comes out that way because it wants to.

Yes, the Shards Religion teaches that we can cause mutation in our DNA simply by desiring to do so, although it may take millennia to achieve an evolutionary wish.

Studies with cancer patients show that the power of positive thinking can raise the level of resistance in the organism, I'm saying that we can do even more than that.

On the other side of the coin, negative whirlpool thoughts can cause many psychosomatic illnesses which eventually become disabling or may even result in death. Changing your DNA chain through constant negativism remains a plausible explanation for the root cause of many modern diseases.

We all know that mutation exists, but what we haven't known up till now is how we can take advantage of this. If you have a positive desire to change something / anything, that's great. That's 'conscious evolution'.

But there's only so much we can change. If everyone decided to grow a sixth finger by common consensus, it still might not come about. Desire is very closely related to what we need for our survival. We don't need six fingers to survive.

We are building on our fore-siblings' foundations, and at the same time fulfilling our fore-siblings' desires.

This means that the more we excel the more we will be able to excel, and consequently this means the whole human race from here to eternity.

If people just laid down and took whatever comes, our evolutionary progress would come to a screeching halt .

The goal is a healthy mind in a healthy body. One can make physical changes in the being, which are then transmitted genetically.

Which is exactly the reason why the
Shards is the religion which
truly reconciles the concepts
of Creation and Evolution.

Evolution is effected by the collective
desires of the species to progress in a
certain direction

Tthere are, of course, evolutionary changes which only stem from necessity. But cut and dried adaptation has never explained why some things in the organic world happen. By remembering that it takes no intelligence to have desire, it is obvious that plants are certainly capable of desire.

Our psychological stumbling blocks prevent us from achieving our true potential, they slow us down. What we need to do is eliminate these neurotic obstacles from the human psyche. We may not be able to do it in one lifetime, Rome was not built in a day. Still we have to begin somewhere and if we all work together - someday, maybe after thousands of years of 'conscious evolution', we'll have finally cleared ourselves of our unwanted and unneeded psychological baggage .

But unless we become aware, and start trying to really change ourselves first, adding positive action to positive desire, we'll be straddled with these problems forever, and I do mean forever.

The only way around this is to do what we have to do in order to get ourselves clear on the inside, and at the same time not forget to do what we have to do in the exterior world in order to build and make this planet some place that's good to live on for all peoples, and not just the privileged few. This sounds like a lot of work, and it is.

The Shards asserts that if you believe it possible, we can harness the forces of evolution to eventually make the Earth a place where peace, happiness and true justice prevail for all of humankind .

You are not only composed of whatever Shards may have been present at the time surrounding your birth, you are also composed of genetic and cultural features that typify any geographical or political region. There's no disputing that.

Both nature and nurture have a great effect on the myriad of characteristics that make up what we term 'an individual's personality' .

The question has often been asked:
What forms the personality?
Why do people behave the way they do?

The answer is
"Shards, Nature & Nurture".