What happens after you die
Possibilities regarding life after death

A certain number of possibilities have been put forth for what happens after you die:

1. Nothing

The first possibility is zip zilch null zero nothing nada.

Of course, that's a totally unacceptable alternative to a lot of people, but when a flower dies, it just gets turned back into dirt, doesn't it? And if there's any immortality involved, it's in knowing that that dirt which the original flower turns into will nourish some other flower at a later date.

But that's not much consolation for us humans, it seems, or it certainaly hasn't seemed to have been any consolation for the great masses that believe in the various religions around the world.


2. Reincarnation

A second possibility is reincarnation.

All other reincarnation religions believe that reincarnation occurs on a one-to-one basis, ie. that one soul leaves one body and enters one other individual body. In certain religions, they believe that the reincarnated soul can inhabit a different species of animal or plant.

This type of reincarnation sounds like the ultimate touristic voyage! Of course it would be wonderful to live a lifetime as an elephant, and then come back and live another lifetime as an eagle. You could eventually be all kinds of critters! How amazing and interesting that would be! Given enough lives, you could then ultimately be / experience absolutely everything! Such a deal!


3. Heaven

A third alternative is that after death your soul will be transported to a mystical place called 'heaven'.

The majority of religions (Shards excepted) say that if you don't believe in their particular religion, you will surely go to hell.

Shall I be damned in a thousand religions so as to be saved in one? Or simply be damned in a thousand and one?

Should I be relegated to a thousand hells in a thousand different religions, but still arrive at the one heaven in whichever religion my family or friends belong to?


4. Hell

The fourth possibility is that you go to hell.

For your deeds, for your thoughts, or simply for the sin of having been unlucky enough to have chosen the wrong religion.

'Hell', of course, is the ultimate penalty. Most religions are very, very concerned with human behavior. How DO you get great masses of people to be good? By trying to scare the Hell out of them with fire and brimstone sermons?

Is Hell the place I'll go, knowing in good conscience, that I did my best to help my brothers and sisters fulfill our fore-siblings' dreams and goals? Not likely.

I'm staying right here on Earth (along with whatever becomes of it).

Fear Not, for God is Always with You Inside.


5. The fifth possibility is the SHARDS.

You're not just living for yourself, you're part of a myriad of immense progressive processes which are blooming, preparing to bloom, and have bloomed so beautifully before.

These processes are all continuing, and what time I have on this planet I want to spend doing the best I can to make this Earth better for everybody who is here now, as well as all those yet to be born.

There's a lot of work to be done: heal the environment, eliminate poverty, end corporate corruption and control, no more wars, etc.

We're all in this together, so pick your project and roll up your sleeves, there's no shortage of things that need to be done.