The Shards in a nutshell

The Shards is a reincarnation religion which differs from all other reincarnation religions.

When you die, your soul is shattered into billions of Shards.

Each one of these Shards contains what might be thought of as a 'proto-soul'. Which is to say it carries the complete information concerning Knack and Desire that was present in the soul from whence it came (actual physical knowledge, however, is not transmitted via reincarnation). Knacks and desires are passed on.

Immediately after the 'Shattering' (death) those Shards or 'proto-souls' begin their search for receptors.

The window of 'shards reception' in the infant is linked to the birth process trauma and continues for only a short time after the child is born, until the point where we begin to build up defenses, so that the 'temple of the soul is full' .

Shards reception is limited to the days immediately surrounding birth.

A Shard of those who pass away during that receptive period are received into the newborn's soul center.

This means that we are not reincarnated from only one person.

We are each reincarnated from thousands of people.

These Shards, even though distinct from one another,
mix together to create an individual's unique personality.