The Origin of Evil

Why does evil exist?

Evil exists in a great number of forms. Washing the dishes is actually engaging in a positive action against the forces of evil. Just plain old dirt and everyday grime is a form of evil that we all have to combat. Call that "exterior evil".

We also have to think about the interior evils, and religion has always been very, very, concerned with just that and how to prevent it.

In the Shards, evil is treated in a fashion that it will eventually, by way of conscious evolution, disappear from the human psyche.

The root cause of evil is basically a question of scattering of energy. Non-directed energy. This is not so much negative desire coupled with negative action, but zero desire coupled with negative action.

In other words, things just get scattered. And it's often very difficult to pick up the pieces.

Sometimes the way the pieces fall, they take root, and begin to take on a life of their own. Which means that evil can snowball right out of control, if not checked. Things have a tendency to get more and more scattered as time goes on. Essentially, chaos begets evil.

Simple: Clean things up, focus on the task at hand, remember that we only have one planet.

Now that we see (with the help of the Shardal Revelation) just how evil is communicated, we can begin to work on it to make this planet a truly good place for everyone to live on.