The Interview


They might say "You're a sinner!"

I freely admit that I'm not perfect.

In spite of that, I'm always getting better.

Perfection is NOT the Goal, Amelioration is.

They might say "You're no one special, why should we follow you?"

Don't follow me, follow yourself! Find out about your own personal history, research your roots, and grow in your own special creative, dynamic way based on what you learn about the Shardal influences living within you!

I am not your spiritual leader - First, find out who you are by finding as much as you can about your Shardal Influences (read the biographies of those people who died around the time of your birth), and then follow your Shards' directions!

Everyone has different missions on this planet, my missions are not necessarily your missions. You must discover your own missions and then take all the necessary steps (positive desire couple with positive action) to fulfil your unique destiny.

Find out who your Shardal siblings are (those who died around the time you were born), find out what their goals were and then you will know what needs to be done. You are the only one that can tell if you're really doing things right .

And if you aren't doing things right (it's hard, I know), then you aren't cheating me, you're cheating yourself, you're cheating posterity and you're cheating all the unfortunates that will be forced to inhabit a world whose resources have been depleted by self-serving sob's.

The point is to make the world a better place for all, not just your own selfish carcass. If we don't all wise up, we're all going to Hell right here on Earth!


They might say: "What about the Creation of the Universe?"

What's most important is the standard of living for all humans present and future right here on this Planet - Earth.

If one would like to speculate on why the universe exists, ponder the alternative.


They might say: "Who or what should we worship?"

Many religions worship some kind of human 'Perfect Master' figurehead as a deity. If you must worship something, then worship the Earth Mother.

There is no 'god in human form' to worship in the Shards religion. It's all about teamwork. Everyone working together, building a viable future for every person on this planet we call home.

~ ~ ~


A huge social problem is that the very small minority of humans who hold all the power give the distinct impression that they don't care about people who are alive now - so how could we ever believe that they care about people who haven't even been born yet?

Seeing humanity as one huge organism working together towards a brighter tomorrow means that any one person's suffering is all our suffering. No one should be left behind in this great future.

We need to care for each other as we care for our Sacred Mother Earth, and we need to care for our only planet as we do for our closest friends and family.

You are coming back, and you'll be coming back as the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor. By helping to eliminate all human suffering you will help to eliminate your own future suffering.



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