What is the difference between humans and animals?


Is 'Free Will' the difference between man and the animals? According to some philosophers, only humans may choose their own destiny. This implies that animals are incapable of making decisions. However, I've witnessed many animals exhibit exactly what I would term Free Will.

And not only that, I've seen animals express emotions that normally they would not be considered capable of. If a human has a soul, doesn't a dog? Or a horse? Or a bee? Or even an amoeba?

So if a dog has a soul, why not an amoeba? Where does the gray line begin? And if amoebas have souls, why not insects or plants?

Are there separate heavens for humans and dogs? What about mosquitoes?

These absurd questions expose the ludicrous nature of 'heaven' that many religions share.

It's the ability to deeply reflect.

It's humankind's analytical nature to dissect and understand our environment.

Animals don't question whether or not reality is real, animals just accept things as they are and go about their business.

This is what makes man different from the animals, this is what makes technology and science possible.

Yet we are still beasts at heart. One day when psychology catches up to technology we may shake the emotions and reactions of our brutal ancestors.

That's called weeding the garden from the inside - eliminating those base instincts, which psychically hold us back from our potential.

Weed Your Garden
from the Inside