The 3 Desires and The 3 Actions

We have both positive desires and negative desires. Lack of desire also exists.

Don't perpetuate negative desires.

Here's a formula which can help, but it's not foolproof. If faced with a negative desire, say to yourself:

I don't want to want to

There are nine permutations concerning desire and action. There are three possibilities with regards to action versus three possibilities with regards to desire. Not all of these permutations make logical sense though:

1. Positive Desire w/ Positive Action
2. Positive Desire w/ Zero Action
3. Positive Desire w/ Negative Action

4. Zero Desire w/ Positive Action
5. Zero Desire w/ Zero Action
6. Zero Desire w/ Negative Action

7. Negative Desire w/ Positive Action
8. Negative Desire w/ Zero Action
9. Negative Desire w/ Negative Action

Positive desire is what we want to cultivate in our lives. Because by making ourselves, each and every one of us, better on the inside, (which is to say by making MYSELF better on the inside) and by passing on those positive desires, we will make the entire world, eventually, a better place.

Positive Desire is the first possibility.

The second possibility is Zero Desire. Zero Desire can be used positively, though.

Especially to counter Negative Desire. There are a lot of things that could be called negative desires. One example is heroin addiction, other things that could be considered negative desires might be the desire to harm others, the desire to selfishly keep everything for yourself to make sure that only your own life is comfortable with no regard for anyone else's misery.

We all have our own definitions of negative desires as well as the classic examples. It's up to one's own individual judgment as to what constitutes a negative desire and what constitutes a positive desire.

Understand that if you still have a negative desire that remains with you at the Shattering, this desire will be incorporated into a lot of people, and if your negative desires are strong you're going to cause the world a whole lot of unnecessary pain.

In order to abolish negative desire the formula is:
I don't want to want to

"I don't want to want to do that". Now that's a zero desire, but used in a very positive direction. By simply getting rid of your negative desire and not perpetuating it, you are doing a service for the entire human race.

The 3 Actions:

1. Positive Action. Good, get up and do it!

2. Zero Action can have positive or negative, or (sometimes) no consequences. Negative consquences as in what they call "sins of omission", ie. something you should have done but didn't. On the other hand, if there was something you shouldn't have done, but did anyway, zero action could have been a positive force.

3. Negative Action. Humans have caused so much pain and destruction for no good reason whatsoever. This must stop.


Combinations of the 3 Desires and the 3 Actions


1. Positive Desire coupled with Positive Action

The word desire, here, only means "want" but there are a lot of things that, as the British say, want doing.

Positive desire coupled with positive action means that if you are sure that the goal that you are working on is truly positive - Do what you have to do to achieve that positive goal!

1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

2. Positive Desire coupled with Zero Action is absolutely absurd.

Are you going to spend you life dreaming and never working towards achieving your goals?

3. Positive Desire coupled with Negative Action
is totally contradictory and yet this is exactly what happens much of the time.

For instance someone will say, "Oh, yes. I absolutely have to lose weight!" and what happens? Overeating is so often a compulsion that can be likened to any kind of addiction.

In general, eating is a positive action but when taken to excess, of course, it becomes negative. What often happens is we somehow get sidetracked and thereby lose sight of our positive goals.

4. Zero Desire coupled with Positive Action

Zero desire, as mentioned before can be effective in combating negative desires.

Zero desire coupled with positive action basically means that you're in someone else's employ.

In other words, you don't want to do the job, but you are doing it anyway.

When you find yourself in situations like these, you still have to realize that you're working towards a greater goal, not just for yourself or not just for the boss either, but as part of the betterment of our species and the planet.

In general what most people would call negative desire coupled with positive action, is actually a desire "not to". Which is a negative thing in itself, spending life in a bad mood, saying, "This damn job. I don't wanna do this, I don't wanna do that". Whereas in actual fact you're actually doing a great deal to help out the rest of the world and that's one of the things you should take to heart.

5. Negative Desires

This is a tough one. Because there are some really warped people, that work themselves up into a real frenzy, and go out and do something crazy. They hurt people, and mess things up. I mean there are some notorious names in history, which would be better to be forgotten altogether, and as far as the Shards are concerned.

6. Negative Action is The Enemy.

Negative Action must be prevented from happening. There are methods that people use to attempt to prevent further negative actions, one example is prisons. Proper mental health care and gainful employment are better ways to weed out negative desires / negative actions.

Every action plants a seed, and a bad seed can only produce a malignant plant.

Negative Action cannot be condoned.

No one should ever use the Shards as an excuse for negative behavior. If someone says, "Well, I found out that this mass-murderer died around the time I was born, therefore I've become a mass-murderer too because I have all these reincarnated desires and I just can't stop myself".

This defense cannot be taken seriously, the Shards teaches that you have to take whatever steps necessary to clear yourself of negative desires, to not only make your life and others surrounding you better in the present but also to avoid transmitting these destructive desires to future generations, and thereby perpetuating man's inner hell. A good place to stop that feeling of "I can't stop myself" is with the Shardal Mantra: I don't want to want to.

As with any religion, a certain number of people will never believe in the Shards, and will continue to believe in one of the other religions (or no religion at all) at whatever cost to themselves and humanity.