Shardal Research

"Who died around the time I was born?"

People need to realize their own true potentials, to discover what pitfalls they could possibly stumble into, and help them to avoid those same pitfalls (again and again). It seems that the human race just keeps making the same mistakes over and over and over, and we never seem to learn from them (or only learn slowly).

Take action and read about your Shardal Influences (the dynamic personalities which died around the time you were born). Find out about their lives, find out about their triumphs, their mistakes, their interests, ie. what it was that "made them tick".

And this will give you direction in your own life, because this way you'll find out about your own Knacks and Desires.

With the Shards and research, you will discover what your potential is. This helps everyone, it gives you a place to look for a certain direction in your life, and the knowledge that you're actually doing something to benefit the entire planet, helping along the entire dynamic continuing process of life. You'll find your place in that process, rather than thinking, "Gosh, I'm just one little ant in a huge, incomprehensible ant pile".

One lifetime is too short to get done everything that you want to do. You have to do what you can, but don't scatter your energies. Focus on the things that are important, the things that are positive for the planet, positive for our survival. What we're talking about is building heaven right here on Earth - but we can't build heaven on the outside, if on the inside of us it's still hell.

A lot of great people leave unfinished projects behind. Someone needs to bring these projects to fruition. It would be best if it were someone who was interested in the subject.

This is what happens after you have researched your own Shards, you find out which Desires and Knacks you have received, and you realize that you're a part of the fabric of the entire human race no matter which way you cut your hair, or what sort of clothes you wear, or no matter what sort of social group you belong to.

The thing is knowing that you are coming back reincarnated, you're going to be right back here, you're always going to be here, because mankind is always going to be here. This completely eliminates thinking as in "Well, I've had a good life and I don't care if the world just blows up the day after I die, that's fine with me".

In order to do this research on your Shards, understand it's only been the past couple of hundred years (and only in certain places in the world) where good records have been kept on birth dates, deaths, etc.

When you find out who your personal Shards are, you will realize that you have a lot of things in common with these people who died around the time of your birth no matter where you come from, no matter what race no matter what creed, language, cultural background.

This assertion needs to be tested, i.e. to use extensive empirical research to support

The Shardal Theory of Evolution

If the Shards is not the True, Earth Religion - then let it be forgotten!
How many other religions could stand the rigors of scientific cross-examination?

The people who died around the time of your birth, your "fore-siblings", really are your brothers and sisters. And if you look inside yourself you'll see the being which is you. You will find the many-faceted mirror of the Shards, the reflections of all your influences throughout the evolution of humanity. And by looking just a little farther you'll find that God has been right there inside of you all the time.

You've got first generation Shards, second generation Shards, etc all the way back to the dawn of life.

Take your birthdate and find out all the major "world personalities" which died around the time of your birth. (A "personality" is someone, who for some reason or another appears prominently enough in the news, or because of some great contribution to mankind etc., to have his/her death receive worldwide notice, i.e. the movers, the leaders, whether they be politicians, sports figures, artists, businessmen, or even murderers!).

In your Shardal Appraisal, both good and bad influences must be taken account. The good should be emphasized and nurtured, and the evil be de-emphasized and should die of neglect.

The Shards is not designed to make money, the Shards is here to help the human race.

If a first generation Shard Chart contained 100 personalities, a second generation Shard Chart could contain 10,000 of them (if each first generation SHARD had 100 personalities apiece). Due to record keeping practices it might be very difficult to get much information back more than a few hundred years. Of course, the further back you go the more intermixed all of our Shards become.

The most important thing about the Shards is that you can improve the entire human race, simply by improving yourself.



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