-Words and Music by Jeff Brent

Naked trees hold the mist off the ground
Reflections throbbing at our feet
The fire is calling, Can you hear that sound?
A songbird winging through the sleet

Burning the candle at both ends
Each hour the flames getting shorter
Forget your heart, You know that time mends
Besides, you can't afford her

She's got money, she ain't saying where from
She keeps running, nobody knows what from
Snow drift mirror, and the frozen storm blows on

You can't get near her, one minute she's here
And then gone again, on the winter wind
She thinks sin is just a game to win

Blow out the candles, You feel fine?
Don't even think of your past
The first time is always the first time
And it probably won't be your last

She needs nothing, stealing all she can take
She loves loving, can't seem to give it break
You can't get near her, one minute she's here
And then gone


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