-Words by D. Abrecht & J. Brent
-Music by D. Abrecht

You told me pretty stories, didn't you, 'bout
Eyes the only one for you, ain't no doubt
Like the best thing that you ever had,
Sweet, sweet a-loving driving us mad

How can you say "It's all over"?
I did everything one man can do,
Too bad baby,
But nothing more I can do

'Cause you don't know
What it means to be on your own
Cause you don't know
How it feels to be left alone

You don't know what you did to me
The careless way you set me free
Will you know truth someday?
A broken toy just thrown away

My world fell apart when you quit me baby
So I left it all behind
Days into weeks, months into years,
Wasted limbo time

I'll never understand why I'm not still your man
Something so precious, can't throw it away
How can you forget
And just walk away


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copyright 2003 Jeff Brent

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