-Words and Music by Jeff Brent
© 1987

Been trying to tell you for such a long time
But it seems like you got something else on your mind
I wanted to tell you but I couldn't get through
It's really real what I feel, I swear it's all true

Sowhat the whole scene if you don't care what it means
I won't give up 'cause I've seen a few things
When we meet up again I'll show you the truth
As we're touching and basking in love's smooth soothe

Baby, where'd ya said ya been?
Maybe, it ain't such a deadly sin
Baby, Ah whatcha gone 'n done
Maybe, uh you ain't the only one

There's a time
When things have got to happen
And that time is almost always now
We may find ourselves among the madmen
But life still goes on somehow

Anger Jealousy

Plucked petals cover the lot
Hope against hope superstition sign
She loves me, she loves me not
Close my eyes, pretend love is blind


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