-Words and Music by Jeff Brent
© 1983

B9                         A7
Walk on down the track
            E [brk]                        [gliss]
Take a load right offa my back

Verse 1
I've read your books and I've sung your songs
But I've been riding this train for too damn long
        A                              E
Just drifting for weeks and weeeeks
       B9                   C9      B9                  E [brkdn]
The hum of the rails almost     lulled me to sleep

Verse 2
The next stop's the last stop, you will see
When you pull out of town, you'll be gone without me
      A                                  E
I'm tired of running living so dirty
           B9                C9                  B9       E [brkdn]
A little place I know,      right offa highway 30

[muted guitar train rhythm]
Hands off my soul, you fucking train
I ain't never gonna ride on you again
You can keep your sin and misery
I'm going to where I can be free
B9                        A7
Walk on down the track
            E [brk]                        [gliss]
Take a load right offa my back

Gtr solo over Verse changes

Harp solo over Bridge

Verse 3
Don't come back here you fucking train
When I first met you I thought you were a friend
      A                                              E
But now that I see you for what you are
      B9               C9             B9      E [brkdn]
I'm stepping off       before I go too far

[muted guitar train rhythm]
Every freight yard looks the same
Boxcar echos keep calling my name

               B9                       A7
But I just walk on down the track
            E [brk]                        B7#9#5
Take a load right offa my back
B9                         A7
just-a walk on down the track
E [brk]                                      E [barnburner]
       I ain't never looking back.


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