-Words and Music by Jeff Brent
© 1984

Down on the strip, kids copping kicks
Pushers and pimps, tarts turning tricks
Scene goin' down, all night long (all night long)
Outa town clown, just tryin' a have fun

Ya Ya Ya Just tryin' a have fun    In the

Sun Set Worlds
Just ain't no words

Ghetto stilletto, and his psycho sidekick
Hang round the corner, check out the chicks
Runnin' outa money? What a shame (what a shame)
Jus' uh hustle honey for a change

Ya Ya Ya Spare Change    In the

Sun Set Worlds
Just ain't no words

At the top of his lungs, some mumbling bum
Tellin' tall tales of kingdom come (kingdom come)
Electronic cavemen with nowhere to run
Can't back out now, the party's just begun

Ya Ya Ya Just Begun    In the

Sun Set Worlds
Just ain't no words

I got this friend that you can't meet
But he's got exactly what you need
Mister Mystery and his shady layday
Some scum slum slut and her sugar dadday

Ya Ya Ya Sunset Worlds (Sunset Worlds)
Ya Ya Ya Just ain't no words (to describe it)


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