The Reason Why


Intro: F C G D A C G D Dsus F C G D A C G A2

Verse 1

Punching the clock day to day

Nothing to show for it, no money saved

Counting the minutes from nine to five

It’s all I can do to survive


Verse 2

Everyone wants a piece of my time

If time was money, I wouldn’t have a dime

But I won’t waste my life, I’ll love while I can

Like any honorable man



Are we born Just to die? Do we live our lives never

Knowing The Reason Why?


Solo 1 (fingerpicking) over verse chords


Solo 2 over verse chords




Live to love life, laugh at it Raise some hell, a little bit

Try! You’ll fly… by and by Knowing The Reason Why


Knowing The Reason Why

Knowing The Reason Why



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