midi audio recording

-Words and Music by Jeff Brent
© 1988

Marilyn! I don't know what you mean
Oh, why, why you had to die

"Juliet, Cleopatra, Over the Rainbow
"Socrates and my old friend Van Gogh
"Oh God I'm tired and it all seems so vain
"And I just can't face December

"Fuck it, I think I'll cash it all in
"No one cares, or will remember"

But if you were alive today
You'd be old and ugly, but that's OK
'Cause we got plastic surgeons
Turn you back into a virgin
And even the wife of a president
Had gotta kick a habit (nasty little habit)

Norma Jean! You been so damn blasphemed
Betrayed for a price, like some female Christ
Martyred by the myth making monster machine

Ain't nobody got an ounce of shame
Exploiting your name
And don't they line their pockets
With tidy little profits
They work you overtime
And you don't get a dime
Nostalgia leeches licking your bones
And they won't let you die
Till they suck you dry

Marilyn! I seen your silver screen
Bleach blonde hair
Your Dress in the air
You were the idol in the eyes
Of all those guys

Norma Jean! The pagan's golden queen
Cut down in your bloom
And by whom?
A spotlight too bright brought on your doom

Marilyn! Is this then what you mean?
You were thirty-six
With little saggy tits
And the wrinkles round your eyes
You just could not disguise

How could you think you had no reason to live?
So much to do and you've nothing to give?
All of the good you could've done
Oh, Norma Jean if you'd only lived on!


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