-Words and Music by Jeff Brent
© 1978

Standing by the side of the road, feeling cold
Watching them cars they don't stop don't stop
It's raining you know wind blow
Thinking 'bout the girl I left back home   stop

Open your door, let me inside
I won't ask for more, just give me a ride
I might be poor, but I got nothin to hide
Now here she come to take me DOWN TO THE SUN

Relaxing as the miles go by, getting high
Nice and warm in her car, my sack and guitar
Can't help wondering why, no lie
How come their stone heart's so hard so hard

Hey, Hey! Will you remember me tomorrow?
Gonna think about me when I'm gone?
Hey, Hey! Will you remember me tomorrow?
Soon I'll be rambling on

Warm weather, women and wine, sunshine
Live in a dream you know what I mean
Leaving my troubles behind, I don't mind
Another goodbye day out on the highway


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