-Words and Music by Jeff Brent
© 1988

"Here's a little story 'bout man's best friend!"

Sachet down the avenue
Baby, get a sniff [dog sniff] of you
[high] OW! [low] Yeah!
[howl] Oooh, it sure is [panting] ha-ha-hot tonight
Some like it rough Ruff! Ruff!
Beware of Dog, I just might bite!

I like it (I l-l-like it a l-l-lot)
I like-a like-a like-a Ditty Daw
Ditty Daw Dideedit Ditty Daw Dideedit
I like it I like-a lick-a like-a Ditty Daw
Ditty Daw Dideedit Ditty Daw Dideedit
[whine] [bark] [ha-ha-hot licks]

"I'm in the Dog House now"
"Dog House"
"You get on down there"

I ain't bragging but my tail is wagging
Chasing little poussez down the allez
Ow! Doggone it anyway


-Dog on Roof
-Handy Man Dog
-Dog w/No Nose
-Blind Man in a Department Store

"It's a dog's life"

"Get on yo' feets and earn yo' salary, son. Play that Doghouse music! I love it!" (Fats Waller from "Feets Too Big")

I like it (I l-l-like it, I l-l-love it)
I like-a lick-a like-a Ditty Dawg
I like to lick it like a Dirty Dawg
Ditty Dah Dideedit Ditty Dah Dideedit
Ditty Dawg Did Eedit Dirty Dog Did Eat it
dittydahdideedit, etc.

"Excuse me, I gotta go bury my bone"


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