-Words and Music by Jeff Brent
© 1983

Back in the backroom, The boys shootin hard
'Bout three in the morning and nobody's tired
The stakes getting heavy, Honey bring us a beer
It's smokey, stinking, steaming like a jungle down here

The whole place is waiting for one guy to fall
If Mac miss the Eight ball the winner takes all
Click and a bounce, Scores on the side
Don't try to teach the teacher, Smile Let it ride

At ONE-EYED JACKS the deck ain't stacked
Some just got the knack
At ONE-EYED JACKS best watch your back
The marks keep on betting, Sharks watching waiting
Red and Black

At table seven, The aces run wild
"Raise you eleven", Throws some chips on the pile
"Call, got a straight, so I'll take my bread"
Dirty Dan is dealing and nothing more is said

Johnny stands up, knocks over his chair
Jack gives a nod to some guys over there
Nine, Ten of clubs, Jack, Queen and the King
Glasses, gashes, ashes, and no one saw a thing


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