A masochist dyke from Jupiter

used to have people poop at her

she'd dress up in rubber

and pay them to club her

have you ever heard anything stupider?


A kamikaze pilot from Saturn

circled in holding pattern

he knew he must die

and he didn't ask why

so he dived and he bombed and he SPLATTERN!


There once was a virgin from Venus

who had never before seen a penis

the first one she saw

filled her with awe

the rest of them filled her with semens!


A big fucking dog named Pluto

was humping a little French poodle

the bitch gave a groan

when he buried his bone

'cause he missed and rammed straight inner turd-hole!


A surrogate mother on Earth

actually liked giving birth

she would bear

one baby a year

and then sell it for what it was worth!


A quicksilver whiz kid from M-Mercury

earned his bachelor's of science in J-Jerkery

a M-Mastur's degree

is B-Bater, may be

but only PhuDs pound their puds p-perfuckly!


A Her-She sweetie from Mars

adored eating big candy bars

he'd get his kicks

sucking monstrous dicks

and swallowing all but the balls!


The randy old faggot from Neptune

gets it off in the man with the moon

when orbits collide

he rides the dark side

in a screwing poo, spewing goo union


An asshole from your anus

longed to be rich and famous

he back-stabbed and haggled

connived and finagled

so much pain... and what did it gain us?


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