First and foremost, I would like to thank Bernie Bridges, who was behind me all the way.

I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to the following institutions of higher learning for allowing me entrance into their hallowed halls and extensive facilities to conduct my in-depth research:

Michigan University of Farming and Forestry

Pennsylvania University of Social Sciences

Saint Louis Institute of Technology

Texas Wesleyan Academy of Toxicology

Queensland University of Internal Medicine

California University of Nuclear Technology

and especially the California Lutheran Institute of Technology!

In addition, my gratitude is due to all of my friends listed below without whom this work could have never been completed:

D.O. Presser; Les Grabbit & Dan Scram; Ned Prophet; Rita N. Weep; Hugh McBean; Reid N. Wright; Luz Bowles; Oliver D. World; Sam Witch; N.E. Briate;

Wanda Partee; Vaughn Tubugi; Y.Knott; Willy Tell; O.Noe; I. Warner Bonker; Y.Zatt; L.M.N. Terry Watson;

P. Nissenvy; I. Caramba;

M.T.Doff; Emmy Tew; M.P.Stoff; I.I.Aye; Kisma,S.; E.Chit; Yurick Hunt; I.MacHunt; Y.I. Never; Bud Hole; R.Soul; S.Ho; Moe Foe; Wayne Kerr; Jaffa,Q.; C. Yalayta; F. Terweil; D. End...


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